Production and sale of typical Maremma cured meats

Patrone's Delicatessen is a small, artisan business based in Venturina Terme, near Livorno. Our company philosophy is not influenced by the rampant competition of our sector and is the polar opposite of the large-­scale production mode.


We have been producing salamis in accordance with the fine Maremma tradition since 1992, using pigs and boar that were born and reared exclusively in Tuscany.

our Products

the Salumeria

Truffle e salami, cured sausages infused with Tuscan wine and more besides

the Cooked meats

Roast suckling pig and all our hand-cured products

Pepper-cured salamis

Locally­sourced cured hams, pork loin, shoulder of pork, pork cheek, rolled pancetta, lardo

our Boar

Boar sausages, boar prosciutto, loin of boar, boar capocollo

Every product is GLUTEN-FREE and LACTOS-FREE


Years on the market

Our meats are bred exclusively in Italy and mainly in Tuscany.


our Products

Every product is GLUTEN-FREE and LACTOS-FREE

Our Production

Our wild boars bred in the wild

We use Volterra's Rock Salt